The winning key for A.M.I. is the cooperation with the customer, being able to transform with simplicity and high technological value, customer’s production exigencies, in automatic production systems: the “LINEAR TRANSFER".

In order to better fulfill these exigencies AMI decided to move to a new owned area. The new facility is built on a 7.000 square meters and it allows to produce more than 20 dedicated lines per year.

On 600 square meters additional area are located the:

  • technical dept.
  • commercial dept.
  • quality control
  • administration.

ISO certified system, IAS register

Automazione Meccanica Industriale s.r.l.
Via Strada per Porzano,
4-c 25025 Manerbio (BS) Italy
P.I. 00593180987
tel. +39 030 9380654 +39 030 9380655


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